DIY Non-Toxic Paint For Your Kids

Do your kid’s love to paint? Do you wan to encourage your kid’s creativity but at the same time keep them safe?! Then all you have to do is learn how to make non-toxic herbal paint. It doesn’t cost so much money and you can teach your kids to be resourceful and Eco friendly. So, before you get started look in the closet for some “old” clothes that you can get messy while you prepare the herbal paint. Organize a space where your kids will make their pieces of art. Organize the “working station” by covering the floors or table with newspapers. Although we are using natural ingredients we have to be careful not to hit the paint mixture and spill it. To make non-toxic herbal paint you will need: water, clay (try using Kaolin) and powdered herbs (buy different colors). Use a bowl that you are not going to use anymore in the kitchen. Add one tablespoon clay and one tablespoon powdered herb. Add also water (slowly) about one teaspoon and mix the consistency. Add water if you think that the mixture is thick. Also if its thinner add clay and powdered herb. To add different colors to your herbal paint mixture you can use: for red “Beet Root”; for a dark green “Spirulina”; for orange “Turmeric”; for yellow “Mustard”; for white “Arrowroot”; for purple “Bilberry Fruit”. So, if you decide to make homemade non-toxic paint for your kids make it like this because its a harmless way and its good to know that the pigments are non-toxic.



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