DIY All In One: Outdoor Smoker, Stove, Oven, Grill

For the men who believe that they are handy and would like to use their expertise and create something in their homes, there are many DIY Ideas that you can use whenever you are at home relaxing over the weekend or on leave. Besides, fun projects to do at home will not only save you a buck but will beautify your home. DIY All In One: Outdoor Smoker, Stove, Oven, Grill are brilliant craft ideas that will help you make an outdoors kitchen.

 Materials Needed

  • Forty refractory fire bricks that are 2.5x4x9 inches
  • Forty to sixty high temperature mortar mix such as perlite or reframix
  • Use a cast iron cook top or any other you wish to, but be wise and go creative by calling in a welder
  • Use a single bag of common mortar (which is a mixture of cement and sand)
  • Use sixty to seventy red bricks. You can as well use a standard eight inch cement block or any other form of brick in your DIY all rounded outdoor cooking station exterior.
  • Optional: to create a beautiful and elegantly finishing look, you should make use of several tile pieces, grout and ceramic adhesive.

 Starting With the Base – The concrete slabs that you are going to build your stove with make sure that they are 32×52 inches. Use the concrete blocks that are 4.5 inches wide.  Use enough blocks that will be able to form a base that it is at-least 3-4 blocks high. Use a mixture of sand and cement to hold the blocks into place. Use both rebar and wire.

 Make the Stand – Make sure that the fire brick floor is level with the cemented stand you just created. Use level recessed cement slab just five inches below the base’s height and you will now have 2.5 inches for the fire brick floor and you will also have gained yet another 2.5 inches for the refra-mix base that will be below it. Drill holes in the concrete slab wall and rebar in a crosshatch pattern which will then be re-wired together to make the floor stronger. Now proceed and pour into the floor the concrete base and leave it to sit for 36 hours. By now you will have created a concrete base that has a table that has been recessed around five inches.

 Refra-mix – This is a high temperature concrete like mixture which has a doughy consistency as well as colour. You will come across two separate bags that you will need to mix together before you add water to form the lumps you need and start working. The point is to mix up Refra-mix just the much you need. Pour some in the mould that you will use to create a lintel over the stove opening and lengthen the baking area.

 Firebricks – Carefully lay out the floor and create a wall pattern in the firebrick. As you make this creation, the area will assume the shape of a small firebox. However, remember that grilling and stovetop height shouldn’t be kept at a length away from the fire. As you build the firebox walls, make a quick but mindful decision about the position you wish to place the mouth of the stove.

 Red Brick – Without disturbing the creation you have made this far, start laying down both the mortar and red bricks around the outside of the oven and leave a 2.5 inch gap between the red-brick and the fire-brick.

 Fill the Gap – Carefully fill in the gap between the firebrick and the red brick using Refra-mix that is heat resistant. Allow it to stay there for 24r hours before proceeding with the project.

 Finishing Touches – You can add finishing touches by placing a chimney using a concrete brick base around it that will help by holding the chimney into position. There are several areas of your stove that need to be tiled, do so. To make sure that your project holds, always wet the concrete four days after construction in the mornings and in the evenings. Leave the oven to dry out for an entire week and even two and you can build a fire in it. The following two weeks every day you should create big and bigger fires inside the stoves and this will help bring out moisture from the stove without cracking it.   Enjoy!!!

DIY all-in-one outdoor grill, oven, stove, and smokerPhoto Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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