DIY Outdoor Project: Fire Pit And Patio Project

There are loads of fun art projects that we can indulge in. Practik ideas for the soul of these projects to bring out the beauty in them. DIY ideas such as fire pit patio project are there to make our lives easier and less expensive. DIY projects can be done by almost anyone, as long as they have the heart for it. Many craft ideas have been embraced by many recently and have proven to be ideas that improve our homes. Today we focus of DIY fire patio project, superb craft projects to do at home…


Step One

  • The very first step is deciding where the patio needs to go. After having come up with the ideal space the next thing to do is measuring. As you take the measurements, also consider wind factor. It’s best that the patio and fire pit go into a sheltered section of the garden.
  • Also put it a further proximity to trees to avoid leave from falling on the deck or into your fire.

 Step Two

  • After the measurements, you should jump straight into the digging part. But before you dig, always determine the soil amount that needs to be dug. Around ten to twelve inches of soil can be dug up. Peg down a wooden stake.
  • Tie some string on the end of the wooden stake and draw a circle. As you measure the circumference see to it that you spray the grass. The paved patio needs to be wide enough to hold your furniture fixtures.

 Step Three

  • After having dug up the soil, proceed and pour into the hole around five inches of crushed stone. Spread the stones carefully using either a spade or a steel rake.
  • After having evened the crushed stone, leave the base. Use a spirit level to check the level of the patio.
  • On top of the crushed stone add another one or two inches of coarse sand. Split the entire area into two equal parts and separately level them both.
  • Counter check to see that the sand level is right as this goes a long way in determining the final look that the patio will take.

 Step Four

  • Time has come where you have to lay down the pavers. Select pavers that will complement your house’s color scheme.
  • The time to lay down large pavers that will outline the fire pit has finally arrived. Make sure that you make the fire pit big enough so that it can function without any hitches. Experts suggest that a good size for outdoor fire pit should be 36 to 44 inches in diameters.
  • After having laid down the large pavers, start laying the small pavers which will create the space for your patio area.
  • Be attentive to the direction that the pavers were laid towards. Carefully divide the circle into four equal parts so that you know that the bricks you are laying down are at an equal spacing in every section you work on.

 Step Five

  • The circles you create should all be levelled. To tap the pavers into position, use a rubber hammer. The hammer pounding on a piece of wood on top of the bricks will help you get the proper alignment.
  • After the stones have been laid down properly, take a hard brush (wire brush) and brush a little bit of sand in the cracks, this will hold the stone in position.
  • Now add cement in the sand and start placing a fine water spray on the pavers. This is the stage where the pavers will settle in position. Make sure that you have levelled the fire pit before you place any blocks. Use a rubber mallet to tap the block till they all level out.

 Step Six

  • Now glue the fire pit blocks on one another. You can either use cement or landscape adhesive. This is a process that will keep everything in position.
  • You can now add a steel fire ring on the inside part of the fire pit. This is a process that will fully protect the pavers from breaking down due to intensive heat.
  • Your fire pit and patio is all done!! Enjoy!!!



Fire Pit & Patio Project Praktic Ideas


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