DIY Owl’s Using Plastic Bottles

Instead of contributing with more un-biodegradable plastic into the environment, why not take some few minutes and involve yourself in a DIY plastic idea? Finding the best plastic bottle crafts is so much fun since you are guaranteed to come up with an idea and also an elegant craft. Owl decorations using plastic bottles are a fun DIY projects that can be done by everybody in your family. How about showing your kids fun ideas of creating DIY owl’s using plastic bottles! Just follow a few steps and at the end you will have a cute little owl decoration.

Step One – Take a plastic bottle (ideally a 1.5L or 2L soda bottle). Pick a marker and using a pair of scissors cut a few centimetres of the top. With a new opening at the top, now cut the bottle below the shoulder. This will be your owl’s body.

Step Two – Cut the bottom quarter of the plastic bottle. This piece will serve as the head of the owl.

Step Three – Join the two pieces of plastic together using glue. The smaller part should be glued on the rim of the other part.

Step Four – Pick a marker and carefully draw out the owl’s features. After having drawn the owl, use paint to colour your owl.  You can use black and white paint, where black takes dominance or the white paint takes dominance and the black paint creates the owl’s features.

Step Five – Take the remaining piece of the plastic bottle and cut the ears and wings. Again use a marker to draw out the ears and the wings and use paint to make them colourful and blend with the rest of the body.

Step Six – Glue the wings and the ears onto the body. Use three pieces of orange pipe cleaner to create the feet. Paint the feet and glue them into position.

Step Seven – After your DIY project has dried up, you can now place it on the spot you want it to go and put in it water to act as a vase that you put in fresh flowers every day! Enjoy!!!



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