DIY Pendant Lamp Using A Colander

What kind of lighting fixtures do you have in your home? Are they the usual “boring” light fixtures that are common in every other home? Well, if you want to step out of the ordinary and into the realm of uniqueness, there are fun DIY projects you can experiment with your lighting fixtures. Plenty of craft ideas to incorporate in your fixtures. The DIY pendant lamp using a colander is part of fun projects to do at home! Pendant lamps can be create from a lot of things such as jars, metal cans as wells as salad bowls. However you should give enamel colander a shot! You’ll be amazed of what you stand to make!! First and foremost you’ll be amazed by the extra ordinary lighting it produces and the simplicity of making a pendant lamp from this material. Besides you can purchase different colours if you believe white is not a cool colour for your room or go ahead and paint polka dots on the colander to bring out a different yet unique look!

Colander DIY Pendant Lamp

To make this extra ordinary lamp come alive, you need to possess just a simple drill, get a special cable that has a cap and look for a top that is suitable enough to hang the ceiling lamp. Get a light bulb preferable an energy saver. You will also need to be in possession of a plastic clump that will keep the wires hidden, a screwdriver, screw hook, a hammer, a knife (sharp to cut wires). The screw hook will be used for hanging the whole lamp.

 Steps – Start by drilling a hole at the centre of the colander’s bottom. The best way is through enlarging the hole that is already in position. Now close the cup using the plastic cover so that it fits right on spot. Place the cup and the cover through the hole you have created in the colander and screw in the bulb. Pick the entire lamp and carefully hang it on the hook that was previously screwed in the ceiling. You can now attach wires from the lamp with the ones on the ceiling. The lamp will be properly fixed on the wall and feel free to switch on the lights and see how the lighting and the room’s fee has changed! Enjoy!!!


Pendant Lamp Made From A ColanderPhoto Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com


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