DIY Personalized Christmas Snow Globes

I adore snow globes: small, large, different shapes, I love them all. But some of them are quite expensive. Instead of buying them why not making one. And what is best is that you can personalize it with your kids pictures or any other picture that you love. You can call them special pictures frames.

To get started, you will need:

  • a jar (you can choose what size you want depending on how big you want your snow globe to be)
  • your favorite picture that you want to put in the snow globe
  • water resistant glue
  • glitter
  • a mini Christmas tree
  • Glycerin
  • plastic foil

Start by printing your favorite picture and cut out the picture for the snow globe. Remember to leave a little border around the picture. Put the picture inside the plastic foil and use plastic adhesive to glue the picture into the plastic foil. Apply the glue on the border that you left around the image. Glue the little Christmas tree and the picture onto the lid using water resistant glue (see photo). Let a little space on the margins of the lid so you can seal it off at the end. Add water and glitter into the jar. Use also some liquid Glycerin so that you can create that snow globe effect (the glitter will fall gently). Seal of the jar. To avoid the jar to leak when sealing apply glue on the lid.

Let it snow!



Photo Credit: http://librarianismchronicles.blogspot.ro





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