DIY Pet Bed Using A Suitcase

Want to make for your lovely pet an creative and unique bed where you “family member” can rest after spending a long day running and playing?! If yes than I have the perfect DIY home project for you: DIY suitcase bed for your bed. It is a great project that will require a little bit of patience from you but the final result will be amazing.

You will need the following materials:

– an suitcase

– fabric / material

– a pillow (quite large)

– 4 furniture legs (you can buy from the local store or you can take them from an old wardrobe)

– screws


Start your DIY project by cleaning the suitcase. Use a cloth and dust and clean the suitcase. Use fabric / material to line the inside from the suitcase. You can use any color you prefer. Take the suitcase and using a drilling machine drill holes in the four corners of the suitcase. Use the 4 wooden legs (wardrobe legs) and with some screws fix them in the suitcase. Last but not least take the large pillow place it inside the suitcase and voila!! The pet bed is ready!!! To make it look even nicer you can decorate the outside of the suitcase with different little colored ornaments. Enjoy!!



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Suitcase Pet Bed..


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