DIY Photo Frame Using Jars

Everyone uses jars. Not only in the kitchen but also for different DIY creative projects like: candle holders, glow in the dark jars, snow globes. Today’s creative project is how to make photo frames using jars. This project is so easy! All you have to do is to take the photo, put it in the jar, turn the jar upside down and your photo frame is finished. You will need the following materials and supplies: a jar (a clear one), photos, a ruler, a scissors and a pencil. First of all, take the ruler and measure the jar. If the photo doesn’t fit the jar take the scissor and trim the photo on the sides so that can fit the jar. Roll the photo and slide it inside the jar. The photo must be right side up and the jar upside down. Place the photo right using your fingers or an pencil. Now all you have to do is to turn the jar upside down and your jar photo frame is all done. Now all you have to do is to display the photo!!! Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://content.photojojo.com

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