DIY Photo Memory Quilt

Are you looking to do some great DIY photo ideas? Why not do a photo quilt? Photo quilts form perfect gifts and act as a perfect celebration piece for yourself. DIY photo memory quilt lands squarely on fun art projects and you can make one and gift it to someone who really needs it. Photo quilts can be used as a old-fashioned blanket. Besides, photo quilts are exclusive as no quilts come out similar due to the creator’s craftsmanship. To make this a great craft idea, you can throw in components that are a little particular to the person you are making the quilt for and you can start using favourite colours, attach pictures that go back a few years and will tell a story. Below are great ideas you can use to come up with an fantastic DIY memory photo quilt craft idea….

Select Photos – Start by selecting photos. Use only photographs that are high quality. Make sure the photos are close-ups. The modern day digital camera produces quality photos. If you are going for an older photo you can have it glance over and then improved. Now upload the photos that you have selected onto the computer. If you know a little bit of I.T or you have the right software you best enhance pictures leaving the colour vibrant after printing them out. The software will help you edit out any red eyes or any glare caused by lighting. The next step involves cropping and resizing photographs so that you can make all have the same size as well as resolution.

Photo Transfer Fabric Sheets – The next items you should have with you are fabric sheets that you can easily get from your resident craft store. The purpose of these sheets is to make it possible to print pictures with a printer and relocation them on the fabric pieces you selected. Use the directions provided in the sheets kit to transfer the photographs from the PC to the sheets.

Size The Fabric – The next step involves cutting fabric into same size squares same as the photo squares. If you want every square to be 5’ by 5’ leave room for the seam and cut the square to 5 ½ or 5 ½ inches or begin with small squares. Now alternate the photos squares with rock-solid squares. Or if that’s not your style, you can make a mounting with the rock-solid squares and put the photo squares following one another.

Join The Squares – If you have a sewing machine, use it and put into place the squares. For every square you add use either half an inch or quarter an inch seam. Add the squares in the design that you settled for. After you are done with sawing, place a batting layer on the rear of the squares. Now pin the covers and proceed with sewing the edges to seal the quilt completely. Depending on your preference you can settle for either a simple or much more embellished stitching. Enjoy!!!

NOTE: Batting helps the quilt become warm.


DIY Photo Quilt

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  1. Sue@CountryDesignHome says:

    This is so beautiful!! What a great way to save and use old photos that otherwise might be just tucked away in an album or box.

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