DIY Piggy Banks Made From Plastic Bottles

This new idea is actually not so “new” to you cause everyone knows that if we recycle plastic bottles we can make different thinks to “improve” our home design. This ideas is to reuse plastic bottles and transform them into piggy or cow saving banks. First of all you will need two plus two that means four plastic bottles (actually only the bottom). Start off by cutting the plastic bottles with a sharp craft knife and then use a sharp pair of scissors to trim them down to the required size. You can use satin spray paint and for the details you can use acrylic craft paint. There is no limit to the designs you can put onto your bottles… go crazy with your imagination or let the kids decorate their own. Enjoy!!!  Also  you can learn how to make penguins using plastic bottles  !


Photo source: DIY Piggy Banks Made From Plastic Bottles

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