DIY Planter Using River Stones

This is one of the most simple project that I have ever found and also done!! This DIY idea its an awesome home craft that you can do together with your family. Also, you can give them away as gift for the upcoming “Mother’s Day” or for any other occasion that you prefer. Also, what is best is that it’s an inexpensive DIY project that you and your family will enjoy doing it together.

You will need the following materials: different shapes of river stones, flower pots or planters, a hot glue gun, potting soil for the end of the project and also flower’s for planting.

Follow the instructions: What is important is that you need to have a lot of patience and also time. Lean well the pots / planters. Start at the bottom of the pots / planters and with the help of the glue gun start adding the river stones one by one. Try to fit the rocks as much as possible one to each other so that you won’t have any empty spaces. When you are all done with the river stone’s and hot glue gun let everything dry very well. Now all you have to do is to add the potting soil and flowers and your little gifts are ready to go to their owner. Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: www.usefuldiy.com

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