DIY Polka Dot Easter Eggs

My little beautiful daughter is my source of inspiration at home. She loves doing anything that its not allowed: draw on the walls, create different things using paper, plastic or sticking stickers in different shapes and sizes in different places: the walls, the kitchen table, sometimes even on the TV. Yesterday we bough a set of stickers from the store with dots. And of course that I was thinking I will have once again the “pleasure” of removing them from the walls. But instead of using them on different stuff from home why not use them to decorate some Easter eggs. As I said before, I know that Easter is far away but we still have so many Easter DIY crafts to do.

You will need the following ingredients and supplies: boiled eggs with white egg shell (as many as you want to make), one cup of water, one tbsp of white vinegar, blue food colouring (or any colours you want – you can use liquid or gel: two tbsp of liquid or a few drops of gel), preferably round and metallic or plastic stickers and also ribbons or leaves or flowers or lace straps for decoration.

Follow the instructions: Boil the eggs and let them cool. Its good to know that you can keep boiled and unpeeled eggs in the fridge up to four days. Take the stickers and stick them on the boiled and cooled eggs. Make sure that the stickers are very well adhered because when you are putting them in the food colouring you will obtain perfect polka dots on them. Take a large glass and fill it with water, approx. 3/4 full and add the vinegar and also the blue colouring (or any other colour you chose). Use a spoon and stir well. Using a spoon take each egg and put it in the glass. Leave it sit there for 30 seconds. If you want a darker shade leave it there for approx. 1 and a half minute. Take the eggs out on a paper tows. Dry them well. Carefully remove the stickers from the eggs. In order to give them a satin finish touch, you can rub the eggs with a little bit of olive oil or sunflower oil and then use paper towels to dry them. Put the eggs in a basket and decorate the basket with ribbons, leaves, flowers or any other decorations that you like!!! Enjoy!!!



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