DIY Pom-Pom Rug

Pom-pom rug is one of the fun projects you can do at home. Pom-pom rugs are simply very beautiful and extremely elegant and can be used in a number of different places in your home. Besides, by using the best DIY home ideas you can be able to match up pom-pom rugs with any decoration and styles. However even before going further you should be warned that embarking on this one of the many elegant craft ideas can consume a bit of your time but as they say, all hard work pays at the end of the day. Furthermore after you have finished the final product you hard work will bring out charm and colour to any room in your home.

How Are Pom-pom Rugs Made?

You should start by selecting the colors of wool that you intend to use in this project. Make sure that you chose the right colors. Now try to match nice colors that will blend together and if you prefer something that is more neutral only select one. Next you will need to purchase a non-skid rug according to the size you wish to create your pom-pom. The skid-rug works as the pom-pom’s rugs base.

What are The Steps That You Should Follow While Making Pompom Rugs?

Start by wrapping the wool around four fingers. The secret is, the more the wool is wound around the fingers, the fuller the pom-pom becomes. Now cautiously take out the wrapped wool away from the fingers. Take yet another piece of wool around 20 centimetres then tie the wrapped wool just right in the middle of it. The next step involves cutting the edges by using a pair of sharp scissors and removing the excesses till that time you get a tidy pom-pom. Now that you have grasped the concept, make the pom-pom’s that will now cover the whole rug’s surface of the non-skid rug fully. After having made enough pom-pom’s, your next task involves tying up the pom-pom’s on the non-skid rug by using the wool pieces that you used for tying the pom-pom in the middle.

Go through your project again and ensure that you have placed the pom-pom’s adjacent to each other. This will help you create a rug that is fluffy and a rug that is properly filled. After having ascertained that the rug is properly done, cut off the wool excesses that are on the rug’s back.

Note: do not cut the wool excess’s that you used to tie the pom-pom at the middle of your project because you will need to use the excess at a later time.


The final product will be a spectacular, cozy rug (new) that will add more colour to your home. A rug that is great during winter season and perfect for your kids’ room. Just remember to clean it up when it gets dirty and always lay it down on dry floors! Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: Minha Casa

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