DIY Project: Make A Buried Garden Fountain

Many fun art projects have been created to bring life into your back / front yard. DIY Ideas including DIY Buried Garden Fountain are some interesting things that you can embark on and form wonderful craft projects that will transform your garden. Craft ideas are not only useful ideas for decorations, these ideas can also be used as a base to rake in an income. Let’s see how we can turn practik ideas such as DIY buried garden fountain into achievable and cost effective crafts… Please note that this is a DIY plan for a buried fountain, just like you can see from the pictures. There are materials such as cables and water installation that might have a high cost, however, when you are done with the DIY project, you will be glad you installed it.


  • Start by properly planning the spot well ahead. Proper planning will minimize the chances of clutter or the fountain overshadowing everything around it.
  • When you have selected the perfect spot, start by digging a round hole.  The diameter of the big hole should be 1.3 meters long.
  • Dig yet another round hole inside the hole you have created, but the second one should be dug a little deeper than the mother hole.
  • Inside the second hole, install a bowl of water and start filling the empty space surrounding the bowl of water with sand
  • Install a pond kit in the bowl. Afterwards surround the fountain with small wood planks. The planks will make your project have stability.
  • Cover the top of the hole with black sheets (plastic).
  • On top of the covering, add transverse wood sticks or if you can pipes that you will staple on the galvanized wire mesh.
  • Get decorative stones (colored pebbles) to cover the water fountain and create a harmonious background.
  • Finally start the water fountain and see how your garden design will be improved instantaneously…



buried garden fountain praktic ideas

Photo Courtesy + More Info: Buried Garden Fountain




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