DIY Project – Make A Weave Basket Using Plastic Bottles

With a refreshed vigor for recycling and saving items, many home users are searching for ways to use plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. One of the best DIY home ideas is to cut the bottle into straps and weave the bits together to form a new thing such as a mat or a basket to carry in things instead of leaving them cluttered. Event better, after having created your item, you can paint and embellish the final product in the colors you want and none will know that you used plastic bottles to create the project you just did. Once you have pinned down the weaving, your creativity shouldn’t end there… First of all wash and dry the bottle several, times. Draw a line using a blubber pencil at the top and end of the straight part in the center of the bottle. Next take a ruler and place it vertically alongside the center of the bottle. Draw another line down the bottle. Soon afterwards transfer the ruler 1/8 inch on the right side and proceed to draw the second line. Draw the line until the whole center of the bottle is segmented off this way. Use a sharp knife and run it through one of the lines 1/8 inch underneath the line on top. Slog the knife from end to the other end of the plastic bottle about 1/8 above the bottom line. Run the knife along every perpendicular line and cut along the top and end parallel line and remove the center section starting from the top all the way down to the bottom. Now use the knife and cut off the ends of the vertical peripheries apart. This move should leave you with some of 1/8 inch wide plastic shreds. Next step is dividing the fringes in two equal groups. On one group, you should lay it down perpendicularly in a row. Ensure that the strips are parallel towards one another. Space them about 1/6 inches apart. The next step is to take a shred from the other collection and slip its end near the upper side of the left most vertical strip. Slide the same strip on top of the second shred and slide it below the third strip. Repeat this process until the shred is woven through all the shreds. Now use the other strips and weave them using the same format until all the strips from the second group have been woven into the first group. However, be cautious as plastic bottle ends can be quite sharp and can cut you deep if you are not careful. Next step is to pick up the woven project and shape it into the shape you desire, either a flat mat or a basket to put in things and avoiding clutter. To make sure that the project has smooth edges, warm them up casually with a lighter by melting the plastic and securing it into position. Also  you can learn how to make penguins using plastic bottles  !

 Steps to Observe

Before you shape the woven project into the structure you desire, bend it into a container and weave the free ends into each other and then melt them to hold. Use colored and frosty paint and sprays on the project the colors you desire the project to be. Before forming your desired structure, make sure that you wire the ends together and firm them up. You can now shape the woven project into the structure you desire and wire it into place using paper clips to hold the final structure.



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