DIY Rainbow Easter Eggs

I love Easter!! All the cute little colours that are decorating your home, all the little cute recipes that you can make: Easter bunnies, Easter cakes even Easter cupcakes decorated with lots and lots of warm colours. And what can I say about all the Easter decoration’s: Easter basket, cards, different creative gifts! Just beautiful…… I have found a very colourful Easter idea meaning how to make colourful DIY Easter treats. Yummy treats that are so easy to make and also that will keep your beautiful kids busy after a long school day. Today’s DIY Easter project is: rainbow Easter eggs. Its true that you will have to wait for awhile until the colours will be fully set but making them is very easy and awesome for your kid’s little hands. So, lets head over to “Choose To Thrive” blog and discover all ingredients, materials needed and also all the instructions in making rainbow Easter eggs. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details……


Choose To Thrive – Rainbow Easter Eggs



Rainbow Easter Eggs



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