DIY Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations

We can recycle all year long. And especially this time of year, there are so many DIY ideas that include recycling. For today’s idea we will use cereal boxes. Beside cereal boxes you will also need: a pencil, scissors, a round glass cup, clothespins, a glue gun, thin ribbon, different colors of glittered pray paint. Start by taking apart the cereal boxes. Now take the glass cup and put it upside down on the cereal box and using the pencil draw as many circles as you can. Now take the scissor and cut the circles. After you finished with the scissor fold all the circles like photo number 2. Assembly the folded circles and using the glue gun glue them together. Use the clothespins to fix them until the glue dries. Decorate the recycled ornaments with glitter spray paint (different colors that you like). Use the thin ribbon to hang them on the Christmas tree. Happy Christmas!!!



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