DIY River Stone Carpet

Are you looking for a crazy and fun DIY art project to do? If you think that you have sampled all craft ideas and nothing seems original, think again! Have you ever heard of carpet stones made from sticking river pebbles with glue on felt or any other type of fabric? Well if you haven’t now you have. Take a look at the photo, if this is one of the DIY ideas that intrigue you, welcome aboard, we are as crazy as you are and have even go a step further and included this fun art project ideas that will help you create the best DIY stone carpet. First things first, let’s get started!

You will need the following materials: a rubber welcome mat, contact adhesive, four bags of river rocks.

Note: What is best is that these are all materials that you will get from the dollar store. This means that you shouldn’t worry about going over budget.

 Follow the instructions: After having assembled all the items together and settled down to start you art project, let us begin designing this glorious art piece. Start by spreading the glue all over the rubber welcome mat. Apply the glue evenly all over the mat. Next step is take the four bags of rocks and start arranging them on the mat following the colour code system you thing will make the mat look dashing. This is the easiest part, arranging the stones on the mat, but if you want to do an easier but meticulous job, start by arranging the stones from the centre. Try your best to arrange the rocks, there are people who love straight lines and there are other people who love uniformity. However, it becomes a little hard to let go of the entire symmetry thing. However you end up arranging your pebbles, the final look will be awesome. The carpet feels great when you walk on it with your bare feet and the rocks glimmer when they are wet, there might be a bit slipperiness feel but it’s not too shouting. Enjoy!!!

Note: Before you lay the carpet on the floor, please be advised to let the glue set for a solid 24 hours to allow the stones to hold in place firmly making it easy to walk on the carpet without any stones coming off.



Carpet of stones glued on felt or another fabric.Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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