DIY Roses Using Autumn Leaves

The first step of this project is to take a walk in the park, in one of those days where the trees are full of brassy leaves. Gather some of the most beautiful autumn leaves and prepare them to create a wonderful rose bouquet. You will need: 10 brightly colored leaves in varied sizes for each flower – be careful not to take leaves that are to wet or to dry just the ones that are freshly fallen from the tree; a few short twigs; a pair of scissors; adhesive paper. Follow the instructions: Take a smaller leaf. Turn it with the color facing down and fold the edges. Roll the leaf from one end. Take another leaf and fold the top. Place the first rolled leaf in the center, fold the tips of the second leaf and wrap this leave around the formed first leaf. Continue to add leaves, rotating the flower as you wrap the leaves for symmetry. Use small leaves for the center of the rose and bigger leaves for the exterior. After you have finished adding leaves, tighten their tails together to fix them and “glue” them together using adhesive paper. The peakes of the remaining stems will be cut off using a pair of scissors. Finally, if you want a longer cord , use a stick , catching it and wrap it all with paper tape. Enjoy!!


Photo Courtesy: http://solarpoweredkate.wordpress.com/

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