DIY Safety Pins & Beads Bracelet

Make your very own “custom made” bracelet right at home with this DIY craft project: DIY safety pins & beads bracelet. Its true that at the beginning this bracelet looks pretty weird but by the time you finish it you will have your very own custom made bracelet. An awesome DIY idea that you can make together with your daughter (or son). You can give them as gifts for your family and friends and I am sure that they will love them. Start by going to the store (haberdashery) and buy safety pins and lots of colourful pins and put this awesome DIY idea in practice.

You will need the following materials and supplies: lots and lots of safety pins, lots and lots of colourful beads and thin elastic.

Follow the instructions: Take the safety pin and open it. Thread on the pin as many colourful beads as you can. Don’t forget to leave space to close back the pin. Keep doing this util you have enough pins & beads for your cute bracelet. You will need two pieces of elastic. Line the pieces of elastic evenly. To avoid the pins to fall off from the elastic, tie the two pieces of elastic at one end. Insert one pieces of elastic on the top (head) of the pin and the other on the bottom of it. Add the send safety pin but revers beside the first one. This way your pins will alternate: top-bottom, top-bottom. Also, you must align the beads all on the same side (in the exterior of the bracelet). When all the pins are on the elastic’s and you can tie it to cover the wrist untie the knot from the tied side and bring the two pieces of elastic together. This way you will have a circle. To avoid the bracelet to fall apart add a little bit of glue on the knot’s. Let it dry! Enjoy!!!



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