DIY Sand Box Using Wooden Pallets

Do you have children at home and a backyard to create a playground for them? There are plenty of DIY craft projects to do at home and a DIY sand box using wooden pallet can make top of the list of some of the best Praktic Ideas! Let us show you how easy it is to come up with a sandbox that your children will have fun playing in. Even better the sand box will be made purely out of 100% recycled pallets!

 DIY Ideas For Sand Pit Using Wooden Pallet – A sand box is a smart idea that sees children play in the sand without roughing up and messing up the plants and garden around. The whole point of building this pallet is to keep the sand inside the sandbox. This is a great innovation that works perfectly and one that your children will forever be thankful for.

 So How Do You Create One? – To create a sand box, you will need to find several wooden pallets and kick in your craft gene to carefully dismantle them to get the boards. The next step after having gotten the boards is to create a frame which dimensions should match the length of the pallets planks. The bigger the pallet the bigger the boards you are going to get.

 The Frame Work – To create the framework, you will need to stick four stakes at the same depth as is the height that will be on the outside the ground. After having taken the correct measurements and aligned the boards properly, its time to use the hammer and the nail. Nail the two boards of the high on either side of the frame box that will hold the sand inside. Now build two moveable benches of the shorter sides and make sure to add hinges that will help you close the sand box inward whenever the kids are not playing and open them up when they want to play in the sand box, resting on the benches whenever they want to take a break. Right before you fill in the sand, paint the sand box with bright colours. Go wild as the more you add paint on the wood the more protected the wood will be. The paint helps your sand box last longer! Enjoy!!!




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