DIY Sand Cast Birdbath Using A Giant Leaf

There are many fun art projects that you can busy, yourself with. With great DIY Ideas, you can create a sand cast birdbath and invite birds into your garden to take a swim and a bath. Crafts ideas like such will help you blend a birdbath Using Giant leave in your garden flawlessly. Such useful ideas will help you to come up with interesting things to invite wildlife into your garden. By learning how to conduct such crafts ideas, you will not only beautify your garden but also commercialize your project if you want to make an income from it. DIY Sand Cast Birdbath Using Giant Leaves are simple crafts projects that are affordable and use very simple and easy practik ideas. Let’s learn how to make this wonderful addition to your garden…

 You will need the following materials:

  • Plastic wrap / A bag of sand / Concrete sealer / Two bags of concrete / Choose either concrete dye or paint / Water / Tubular concrete form.

 Necessary tools:

  • Two containers that will hold the concealer and the paint / Mixing Hoe / Paint brush / A bucket that you will use for mixing concrete / Curb brush / Foam brush.

 Follow the instructions:

 Making the pedestal – For starters, making the pedestal is an easy process. Get foam that is 6ft long and has an 8” diameter. Use a saw to cut the foam in half, or up to the height that you want. Keep in mind that the taller you make the pedestal the heavier it gets when you finish the project. Use the leftover piece and from it cut out a 2” ring. Set the ring aside as it will be used at a later stage.

 Concrete – Start by adding concrete. Start by covering the smooth side of stepper (pre-made), use plastic wrap as the covering agent and set the end of the cardboard form that you cut up. This is a process that evens the base if the earlier cut wasn’t perfectly straight. Place the form on a surface that is smooth as it helps the pedestal remain level. Start mixing the concrete up till when the water has reached pudding consistency. Proceed and pour the concrete into the form. The purpose of the form is to keep the concrete steady and hold it down to help it not leak from the bottom. Shake it well and get rid of any air pocket.

 Placing the Stepper – Start by topping it off. After filling the form will concrete. You should center the other stepper at the top. This is a step that keeps the concrete from oozing from the bottom. Allow your project to dry for 48-72 hrs.

 Peeling the Cardboard Off – After ascertaining that the concrete has dried off completely. You can now peel the form off. Allow the pedestal to cure for a week after the form comes off. Use the paint or dye and paint brush to decorate the leaf with color. A coat of concrete sealer goes a long way in helping you preserve the pedestal. Your DIY Sand Cast Birdbath Using Giant leaves is ready, pour in some water and watch the birds come to have a good time…. Enjoy!!!



Sand-Cast Birdbath From Giant Leaf

 Photo Courtesy: Birdbath Using A Giant Leaf

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