DIY Sand In A Jar

If you desire making the best colored sand in a jar for decoration or help your kid do their art project, here are instructions of coming up with the perfect colored sand jar.

You will need the following materials: different pieces of colored chalk, piece of paper, glass containers that are either distributed with corks or lids, salt, super glue or hot glue, cookie sheets

Follow the instructions: Pour a little bit of salt on the middle of a piece of paper. If you can get it, use black construction paper. The paper is durable and you can re-use it again for chalk-drawings. Since there is going to be a bit of mess, to keep in contained, lay out the papers on cookie sheets, the sheet rims keep the salt particles will within the working area and not spewing on the table and on the floor. The next step involves rubbing colored chalk all over the salt through a back and forth motion till when the salt achieves the color that you want. You can use either a small chalk or sidewalk chalk. As you color the salt, try and re-center the salt from time to time to keep is from spewing all over. Once the chalk converts into the color saturation that you were hoping for, cautiously roll the paper into a funnel and will slow but sure steadiness pour the colored salt in the glass container. To make things a bit crazy and fun, you can use various sizes and shapes of bottles. If you don’t have any clear glass jars around that you think will look cool or have none at all, you can always use small canning jars or baby food jars or perhaps any other glass container that has a lid that closes. After having colored your salt in the first color, now flip over the paper and pick the next color. Repeat similar steps like with the first color. Repeat these steps as much as it is required to fill up your bottle/jar. Note as you fill your jar with your colored sand/salt, see to it that the jar remains unshaken lest you end up with a muddy brown mixture other than the intended vibrant rainbow colors you were looking for. After having filled up your container, next step is to place the lid on top and lock the container, ascertain that the jar remains secure. If you are using a glass jar with a cork, use hot glue or super glue on the cork and glass to ensure that it hold tight.

Find an elegant place that you can place your colored sand art jar and place the jar there. This is a nice DIY craft that you can do with your young ones or with the entire family coming up with different sand art jars and create beautiful colors that can be used to accentuate different rooms!



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