DIY Santa Decorations Using Ice Cream Boxes

Now you are going to love this DIY idea: make Santa decorations using ice cream boxes. This is the way you are allowed to eat lots and lots of ice cream! You can transform the ice cream boxes into beautiful Christmas gifts for friends and family or also you can use them as original Christmas decorations. You can also use them as candy holders even for sweets. So, get starting eating on that ice cream plus the additional supplies: ice cream boxes (the number depends on how many Christmas decorations you want to make), scissors, Santa’s hats, glue gun, ruler, different colors of felt (black for the eyes, white for the eyebrows, face, mustache, cream for the nose) and last but not lest face powder (Gentleman’s you an borrow from your wife). Using the glue gun, take the Santa hat and glue it to the lid of the ice cream box. Using the scissor and cut the white felt into an rectangle for the box face. Use the cream felt to make Santa’s face (see photo). The eyes of the Santa can be made using white felt for the eye balls and black felt for the pupils. To make the eyes “shine” use little circles of white felt. Using the scissors cut shapes in the black and cream felt for the mustache, nose and eyebrows. Use the glue gun to glue them to the ice cream box. Take the face powders and underline the nose and cheeks of your cute Santa. Put some candy or sweets inside and your kids won’t let go to your Christmas creation. Happy Christmas!!



Photo Credit: http://professorageorgia.blogspot.ro/




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