DIY Santa Hat Chair Covers

When you are preparing for the Winter Holidays, Christmas the most important one you have to think also on hoe you will decorate your table and chairs for the festive dinner. You can keep this decorations until Christmas its over. It will change your home design and it will look great. These little babies are made from felt so they hold their shape really well.  And sewing is minimal since hemming is not needed. To begin, measure your chair.  You need to know how wide it is  and then how tall the back section is. The main rectangle shape of the covers has to be about 19 inches wide and 18 inches tall when it was done.   The top edge will be a triangle shape (for the Santa hat look), and has to have about 10 inches tall………..from the top point, down to where the main rectangle shape begins.  Cut out 2 of these shapes and add a 1/2 inch on all sides (except for the bottom).  Place them together (with right sides together if you have a fabric with a “right” side) and sew along all of the edges except for the bottom, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

To finish this awesome idea click this link….


Easy Do It Yourself  Santa Hat Chair Covers




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