DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Necklace

If you want something special for you to wear yo have to put your creativity and also your skills to work!! Make an unique and original necklace / scarf for you and all of your friends and work colleague will be jealous. A very cheap, easy and also quick to make DIY idea that will be ready in no time. And what is best is that you won’t have to sew anything. Lets grab all the materials needed and start creating a beautiful and unique DIY no-sew T-Shirt necklace.

You will need the following materials: one colour or many colours “old” T-Shirt’s and a pair of scissors.

Follow the instructions: If you have very big T-Shirt’s that you are not using but with no holes in it laying in your closet take them out. Lay your T-Shirt on an flat working station. Take the pair of scissors and start cutting the margins from the bottom of the T-Shirt. Put it aside. Start cutting the T-Shirt in lots and lots of horizontal strips until you reach the armpits. Take four strips and stretch them a little bit. You will see that they will curl easily. If you want to have not one but a lot of different T-Shirt necklaces you can make one with braided strips or wrapping the end;s with fabric. Also, you can mix different colours of T-Shirt and make a colourful necklace or you can use jewellery to give it a more chic effect. Enjoy!!!



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