DIY No-Sew Tutu For Your Little Princess

Instead of giving a lot of money on a tutu dress for your little princess, make one!!! This DIY tutu idea is quite simple because you don’t have to sew anything on it!!! You will only need: a pair of scissors, lots and lots of tulle fabric (if you want to make a colorful tutu dress then you have to buy different colors of tulle) and elastic (try to find a wider one). Use a tailor meter and measure the waist of your little princess. Now use the pair of scissors and cut the elastic a bit longer then the size you measured with the tailor’s meter. Take the ends of the elastic and tie them together. Now you have an elastic circle. Using the pair of scissors cut stripes of tulle longer then the final length (twice). Using one tulle strip at a time make an “U” shape and place it upside-down behind the elastic circle. Don’t forget that the tulle stripe’s ends must be even on both sides. Add the second end of tulle on the elastic circle and between the “U’ shaped tulle and the elastic circle. Now all you have to do is to pull tightly the tulle ends. Repeat the procedure until the tutu is finished. To make it even more “fluffy” put the tulle stripes as close as possible making sure that there will be no distance between the stripes. Enjoy!!!


no-sew-tutu-praktic-ideasPhoto Courtesy: http://www.dicaspramamae.com/

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