DIY Sidewalk Chalk – Your Kids Will Love This

Do your kids love to “paint” the sidewalk in front of your house?! Do you buy on a daily bases “tones” of chalk for them?! But instead of buying it why not try to make it. This DIY home project is really easy and you can make it together with your kids. So, just grab all the materials and supplies that you need for this DIY sidewalk chalk project and lets begin.

You will need the followings: two muffin pans (tins), one and a half cups of cornstarch, one and a half cups of water, food coloring (different colors).

Follow the instructions: Use a bowl (that you won’t use anymore) and add the followings: one and a half cups of cornstarch, one and a half cups of water. Mix it very well and divide the mixture in 12 part. Add the 12 part into the muffin pan. Add two or three drops of food coloring (of your choice) in each cup and stir very well. Let it harden for 3 to 4 hours. Take out the chalk and let your kids just go crazy. To make it even a little more “creative” instead of muffin pans use pans that are shaped like stars or hearts. The girls will love this!!! Enjoy!!!



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One Response to "DIY Sidewalk Chalk – Your Kids Will Love This"

  1. Marie says:

    Hi ! I tried today the sidewalk chalk, but it seems too “wet”… :/ I did it arount 1 pm, and it’s now 7:15 it’s still wet… So I pumped all the remaining water with kitchen roll but I am not sure it works… I can see some sort of “paste” underneath, but how can I be sure it’s dry and ready to use ? Thanks for your help !

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