DIY Silhouette Easter Eggs

Bringing you another cute DIY Easter project that I have found on “Le Papier Studion” blog: cute and also easy to make DIY silhouette Easter eggs. Beside the traditional dyed red eggs, make also original and unique eggs with this DIY idea. Also, to dissever other Easter ideas and projects head over to “Le Papier Studion” blog.

You will need the following materials: boiled eggs, red or yellow or blue or green dye’s (you get the idea – choose any colour you want), silhouettes, a pair of scissors, a cutting board, a marker and also contact paper.

Follow the instructions: Use the marker and the contact paper and draw lots of silhouettes (bunnies, faces, little kids, little chickens). Use the pair of scissors and cut out the outlines of the silhouettes. Take off the back of the con act paper and stick them on the warm eggs. Make sure you stick also the edges on the egg using your finger. Using a spoon immerse one egg at a time in the dye. Let them sit there for approx. 5 minutes. Take the eggs out from the dye and put them on paper towels. Gently pat the eggs with the paper towel. Pill off the stickers from the eggs. Enjoy your beautiful silhouette eggs!!!



Photo Credit: http://www.lepapierstudio.com

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