DIY Snake From Mismatched Socks

Do you have in your drawers piles of socks that don’t have a pair?! You don’t want to throw them away?! Then don’t do it!! Make a sock snake form them!!It is very easy to make and when you are done you will have an empty drawer and also a new toy. Only one suggestion before we get started: don’t forget to use clean socks!
You will need the following materials and supplies: around 12 clean socks, a sewing machine, scissors, different colors of thread (or you can use just one), red ribbon, buttons, stuffing (the one that is used for pillows) and also sewing needle.
Follow the instructions:
First of all start by choosing the socks that  have approximately the same width. Now cut the socks width-wise into 4 inches strips. You can toss the leftovers. Now cut the strips on the side. Use the sewing machine and sew the stripes / pieces together on the bottom and top side. Make sure that the fronts of the strips socks are “facing” each other. Now use a marker and decide where the tongue of the snake will be. Use the red ribbon and cut a “v” shape in the tip. Sew the ribbon to the top of the sock strips (front side – the one with no raw seams), half way to the left where you you made the marking. Use the buttons and sew them in an horizontal line. Fold the strips length-wise making sure that the ribbon is on the inside. Sew along the side and the top of the sock strips. Now turn once again the snake right side out. The eyes and the tongue must be on the outside part now. Take the stuffing and fill the socks. Make sure that its full stuffed. “Close” the end of the snake by sewing it. And your DIY easy to make home idea is done! Enjoy!
Mismatched Sock Snake! cute

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