DIY Space Under The Stairs For Your Pets

If you really love your pet, you will do all it takes to let them share with you your home even if it means building them a house inside your home. But why take up more space when you can build a spacious room for your pets under the stairs Yes, today we will show you a space idea that will address your saving space concerns and still build a perfect room for your pets. Even if you have more than one pet, you can create ample space that will suit all your pets’ needs. Let’s look at this pet DIY Idea you can use to create awesome space under the stairs for your pets.

 You will need the following materials: door trim, dry wall saw, dry wall screws, drill, mud, reciprocating saw, hack saw, multi-tool, electrical supplies, standard household tools,  if you want to you can get a gate or door according to your preference, depending on your floor get quarter round

Follow the instructions: The first most important step is figuring where the door needs to go. Take the necessary time needed to come up with the ideal place to build your pet house. After figuring out where the pets’ house will go, cut out a pilot hole by using a dry wall saw. The hole should be big enough to allow your head to go through. If the space looks like you pictured it to be you can proceed with cutting out the required space. As you create the space (through cutting), factor in the gate’s/door’s height and the width. By now you should have created a big enough hole that you can crawl in and out off. Install in a light which will “shine” over everything you do. Now address the floor. You can decide to let the floor type you have in the rest of the house to continue into your pet’s room. To keep your costs minimal, you can rip out a piece or two which you might have saved the last time your floors were being done. However, you can put in place the kind of flooring you think is best. But if you would stay away from carpeting the pets room for obvious reasons… The next step is to drywall. After you are done with this step, you can now frame the door. Afterwards colour the door the same colour that will match the colours on your walls. Now fix the gate in place, install door trim around the casing and put back in place any baseboard or quarter round that you had taken up. Enjoy!!!



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