DIY String Chandelier

Did you know that DIY String Chandelier are fun art projects that you can use to make your lighting fixtures different, unique but gorgeous to look at? Did you also know that these great DIY Ideas can actually fetch you some extra money if you have the time to make and sell them? Yes, fun art projects to do at home as well as craft ideas are in thing now. Many people have taken this avenue to make extra income by creating these wonderful craft ideas and selling them. Some have even turned the ideas into their mainstream business! Whether you want to make one or several for your home or for business, DIY string chandeliers are a practical addition to your lighting fixtures as you can use different colours to bring out different moods in different rooms.

Materials – Purchase a plastic inflated bouncy ball at-least one that is fourteen inches in diameter. Buy yarn or string, school glue that is approximately four ounces. Pick a plastic container, a pair of scissors, a spoon, a cup with water, sharpie, a ball inflating needle, paper towels, trash bag and a corn starch in half a cup.

 Preparation – Start by laying out the drop cloth on the floor. Use either a hook or a pole to hang the ball. Draw a circle using the sharpie around the hole that you will use to inflate the ball. This is the area that will form as the chandeliers opening and it’s the same position you will use to insert the light source. Remember not to cover the hole with the yarn string as this is where the light will go.

Time to mix: Take a disposable plastic container and in it mix the corn-starch together with water. Start adding glue until you achieve the desired thickness. Make it a little thick.

Time to Wrap: Start by dipping your fingers in the glue mixture. Use a good coat on a lengthy piece of string. Using the ends of the alongside the circle you had drawn earlier, start the wrapping process. The best and easiest way to wrap is by placing the ball on your lap and leave the mixture coat to dry before turning the ball. Immediately you start getting the ball covered well, run your eyes through the areas you have covered to ascertain that there are no large openings in the yarn. If there are openings that are more than half an inch big, wrap the string around these sections and make the chandelier you are making stronger. NEVER let the string inside the circle you drew. See to it that the string touches the edges of the circle on every side instead. Proceed with the wrapping process till when you believe that the ball you are making has been covered properly. You can now wrap the string close to the circle’s opening.

Time To Dry: Leave the chandelier hanging without touching anywhere for at-least twenty four hours. After making sure that the chandelier is dry, it’s time to deflate it. Use the deflating needle and poke a hole in the ball. Note that at most times, the ball will not come out of the chandelier easily, even after all the air has come out. You can use a several bands of rubber to form the ball into a tube and pull it out easily.

Lighting: This might be the hardest part, at times, you’ll have to improvise the light, but you can search online for the perfect ways to install this type of chandelier on your light station! Enjoy!!!


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