DIY String Easter Basket Using Balloons

Easter is around the corner. This Easter break from the same routines and do things a little differently. Get creative with fun DIY art projects to do at home. With just a little string, water, balloons you will come up with one of the best DIY ideas ever. Furthermore, at these creative ideas you can let everyone in the family jump in and offer you some help, as it is, kids will love the idea of mixing together the water and sugar mixture which will hold together the string Easter basket. The end result will leave your home feeling more festive just at the right time to help the Easter Bunny make his long awaited appearance! You can turn this string Easter basket DIY craft become an annual tradition that every Easter will see the entire family looking towards making the project come alive! Let’s get started and make this dream reality!

 You will need the following materials: a pair of scissors, balloons, measuring cup, a bowl, a spoon, Imperial Sugar (the quality is Extra Fine Granulated Sugar), ribbon or yarn or  coloured  cotton  crochet string.

 Follow the instructions: Blow up the balloon until you achieve the actual size you wish your basket to be. Now tie the end of the balloon with a string that is around 8 inches long. The purpose of the string is to help you hang the balloon to dry after you complete the project. The next step is wrapping the crochet cotton around the balloon. You have the option of either covering the entire balloon or leave a few open spaces. After you finish the project you can secure the end of the string underneath another layer to ensure that it doesn’t become loose.Now mix up a half cup of warm water together with a cup of sugar. Stir the two together till when the whole amount of sugar gets dissolved. The mixture will become thick and will have a consistency that is glue like. No place the string wrapped balloon right in the middle of the water/sugar mixture and ensure that the whole mixture get wet. After guaranteeing that the whole mixture is entirely wet hang the project outside or somewhere it will dry without interruptions. The drying process may take between 12 to 24 hours. When it dries of completely pop and remove the balloon. Now you can spend time shaping the basket and add ribbon, little bunnies, and Easter grass to make the project more festive.  If you wish to store and keep the eggs you need to spray them with clear spray paint and voila! Your project will be stunning! Enjoy!!!

Yarn String Easter Basket

Photo Courtesy: http://www.icreativeideas.com

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