DIY String Snowman

In the past we made string ball chandeliers. This project is not so different from the chandelier one only instead of making string balls for the chandelier we will make them for our snowman. First of all blow up different sizes of balloons. Using a sharpie draw a circle around the balloon knot. Now you have to make the “special” paste: mix together corn starch, glue and warm water. Mix all this “ingredients” until the paste it’s not lumpy anymore. Now put the yarn through the glue mix and after that “roll” it around your balloons. Wrap the string vertically and after that start wrapping horizontally. You have to leave everything to dry for 24 hours. The next day you can pop your balloons. Now we have to make the snowman: you can sew or you can use glue to connect the string balls together. For the eyes you can use small beads that you can glue to the string balls. You can use buttons and also make from a little felt a scarf and your little snow man is ready. How cute is he!?!



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