DIY Stuffed Banana With Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter

It’s holiday season again. Why not make your family or friends a holiday snack (biting) that they will remember even after the holiday! Yes make them some stuffed Banana with Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter. This is a very delicious DIY recipe. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry we will show you where to get started!!!! First and for most, like any other thing, you need to get started with the most important thing meaning ingredients. Find bananas, if you can buy the bananas that have a little curve on them. Get a jar of creamy peanut butter. Go on and get yourself those tasty chocolate chips. If you want to go wild, get some chopped nuts or sprinkles although it’s not a must. Peel and slice off each banana end. Cut the banana in to two 3 inch long pieces. Stand the banana bites up on their flat and cut side. If you have an apple corer or a straw, use either to hollow out the banana’s center. Take the chocolate and melt it according to the package, in a small and deep bowl. Proceed and dip the bottom half of the banana bites in the chocolate that is now melted and roll the mixture either in the sprinkles or chopped nuts. For drying purpose, place the banana chocolate dip on a wax paper. Now place it in the refrigerator and keep tabs on it till when the chocolate sets and remains dry. After the banana bites have dried up, remove them from the fridge. Now take the peanut butter and howl it in either a zip lock bag or pastry bag that has one of its’ corner snipped off, use this corner to pipe the peanut butter in the hollowed out bananas. Fill it up and form pretty shapes that will appeal to your guests. You can serve the stuffed banana with chocolate dipped peanut butter on its own or with a customized drink and make it seem more attractive than it is. If you are serve the young ones, perhaps a glass of warm milk will do them justice. If you are serving a mature crowd, you can have them choose between freshly squeezed juices or serve them the banana dip before you serve them eggnog or a glass of wine. But it goes without saying that however, you serve the banana chocolate dip biting they are a snack to savor!



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