DIY Styrofoam Cupcakes – A “Sweet Treat” For A Festive Décor

What better way to begin the Holidays Season than with some craft works with your kids. The Styrofoam ball cupcakes are the perfect decor to make at home this season. These “sweet treats” are a perfect gift for friends and family and also a beautiful way to add color to your birthday parties or baby showers or even weddings. Hang them around or simply place them on a cupcake platter, they are absolutely stunning to look at. You simply need a few things to get you started: 2 1/2” Styrofoam balls, durable cupcake liners, shimmering white soft snowflakes, colorful spray, craft glue, paint brush/ foam sponge brush, hot glue gun, scissors, ribbon / string for hanging, skewers/ dowel rods. Making these little cupcakes takes little time and can be fun and a learning experience for your kids. But be careful to keep the hot glue gun away from children. Now to begin with the Styrofoam ball you have to press a dowel rod /skewer into each Styrofoam ball and coat 1/3rd of the ball with a layer of glue. Now roll this glue coated ball into a plate filled with shimmering white soft snowflakes, and then press them a little bit to fix them into place, shake off any excess and leave them to dry. Next all you have to do is put a nice big drop of glue on the cupcake liner, using the hot glue gun and then press the snowflake coated Styrofoam ball firmly into place into the liner. Another thing to keep in mind during this step is to make sure not to stuff the ball too much into the liner otherwise the cupcake will not stand and will tumble off. You can also clip off the base of the ball to make it flat and easy to stand still. To top the cupcake, you can use dry berries, paper flowers, small balls, or simply make swirls of delicious looking cream / icing using crushed paper. In case of berries just add some hot glue and add the decorative thread or ribbon as you like (if you want to hang the cupcakes) and then place the berry on top of it very firmly. You can create so many variations of decorative items for your home with an array of assorted Styrofoam ball cupcakes. Cupcake bouquets, cupcake towers, use them as Christmas tree ornaments, or simply hang them around the house. These “sweet treats” will simply add sugary beauty to your home.



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