DIY Swan Pot Planter Using Plastic Bottles

Once again we are going to show you a “plastic bottle” project. With some materials and supplies you can make from a plastic bottle an beautiful swan pot planter. This will look amazing in your garden or even inside. It will improve your home design for sure. Don’t wory, it is very easy to make and won’t take such a long time.

You will need the following materials and supplies:

– 5 liter plastic bottle

– sand

– thick wire

– plaster

– 2 metal grates

– bandage

– paint


Firs of all wash the plastic bottle and remove the labels. Cut the plastic bottle in half. Fill the bottle with sand so you can start making the swan shape. Introduce a thick wire into the bottle and through its cap. Fix it into the sand then try to shape the swan’s neck. Cover the bottle with plaster and add two rectangular metal grates. This will be the wings of the swan. Cover the complete figure with plaster and start modeling. Take a thin layer of bandage and wrap it around the swan’s neck and head. Make realistic forms of head, neck and wings by adding more plaster and modeling. Now all you have to do is to paint the swan. You can use orange paint for the beak and black paint for the eyes. And your project is done!!! Now all you have to do is to go and buy some beautiful plants for your swan pot planter.  Also  you can learn how to make penguins using plastic bottles  !



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2 Responses to "DIY Swan Pot Planter Using Plastic Bottles"

  1. Asha says:

    fentastic idea .. too good… thanks for sharing

  2. Asha says:

    too good idea . thanks for sharing .. Wonderful creation ….keep moving

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