DIY Sweets Christmas Wreath

We have made a classic Christmas wreath, a candy Christmas wreath, a Christmas decoration wreath. How about making one with sweets (in this case chocolate sweets). It is very easy to make and you will only need:  a pen, scissors, a ribbon, a piece of cardboard, tinsel, glue gun and sweets. You can also use as decorations little red pin cons with red leaves. The only “problem” is that you have to keep the wreath on the inside because being made of cardboard it might be possible that the weather should ruin it or somebody will eat it. 🙂  Start by drawing a circle using the pen on the cardboard. Cut it using the scissor (cut like in the picture). Start raping the tinsel around the circle. After you have finished with the tinsel use the glue gun and glue the sweets all over the tinsel. Now glue also the decoration. Take the ribbon and tie it in the top of the wreath. Now just find a place for it in your home and let it cheer your Winter Holidays. Happy Christmas!!


Christmas wreath made of sweets

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