DIY Tomatoes Tulips Appetizers Filed With Cottage Cheese

This DIY recipe is an exquisite presentation, an delicious appetizer ideal for the following dinner party’s that you are planning to have. An delicious DIY idea that it is very easy to make but will impress everyone from your party, for sure.

To make 15 tulips – tomatoes filed with cottage cheese you will need: 15 tomatoes (must be cherry), 16 chives stalks, 250 g of cottage cheese, one and a half cucumber, half of tsp of dried basil and also salt and pepper to give taste.


Follow the instructions: Wash well all your veggies. Dry them using paper towels. Take the one and a half cucumber and chop it well. Use a medium bowl and add the chopped cucumber, the cottage cheese. Add salt and pepper to give taste. Add also the basil. Take the cherry tomatoes and wash and dry them. Take a sharp knife and cut the tomatoes at one side. Make sure that the cut is in a cross shape. Take the bowl and using a small spoon fill the tomatoes with the delicious cottage mixture. To give the impression that you are serving tulips take the sharp knife and make holes at the other end of the tomatoes and place parsley. Decorate and arrange everything on a place and serve as soon as you finish making them. Enjoy!!!


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