DIY Tub And Shower Magic Cleaner

Tried various cleaning products to clean your tub and you shover with no results? Want to get rid of the soap scum from the shower door with minimum effort?! I know that this will be a little bit hard to believe but I have got the perfect DIY idea for you: homemade tub and shower magic cleaner. And when I say magic is magic…… Get rid of the mess on your tub and shower doors with a homemade magic cleaner.

You will need: white vinegar (around 12 ounces), liquid blue Dawn Detergent (also 12 ounces) and a simple spray bottle (minimum 24 ounces).

Follow the instructions: Take the vinegar and add it into a safe glass (or bowl). Put the glass into the microwave and heat the vinegar until its hot. Add the hot vinegar into the spray bottle. Now add into the spray bottle also the liquid blue Dawn Detergent. Add the lid on the spray bottle and secure it. Start shaking gently the spray bottle until the two “ingredients” become one (incorporate). This magic cleaner will clean almost anything in your home: from soap scum to shower buildup, from dirty sinks to any appliances in your home. All you have to do is to spray the magic cleaner on the surface that you want to clean. If the dirt won’t go away leave the magic cleaner on the sprayed surface over night. The next day just scrub, rinse with plenty of water and be amazed. Enjoy!!!


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