DIY V Day Heart Shaped String Wreath

Just a couple of weeks until Valentine’s Day and so many DIY projects to do. I know that this is the second V Day wreath idea that I am bringing to you but what can I say…. I love wreath’s in general. I still got my Christmas wreath hanging on my front door…. I know, I know I have to get it down…. eventually….. but lets get back to our DIY V Day project: string wreath. It is pretty easy to make but there is a part that I am sure you won’t enjoy it: a┬ámessy part when you will have to drop the yarn / string pieces into a container with glue. But we still have a few steps to go until that part. So, all you have to do is to set up our working station, gather all the materials and supplies needed and visit┬áMichele Pacey’s blog to see the entire tutorial plus step by step photo’s. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all the details……


Michele Made Me – Sunkissed Heart Wreath



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