DIY Valentine’s Day Gift – Felt Heart

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we have to buy of kind of different little gifts for the loved ones. This way we want to prove our love for them. But instead of buying a gift why not make one. This DIY Valentine’s Day idea is an interesting activity that will bring you close to your loved ones. Make a two color heart as an activity for the weekend.

You will need the followings:

– two pieces of felt (different colors – you can use what color you like)

– a pair of scissors


Start by cutting two oval shapes out of two pieces of felt (here was used black and red). Use the pair of scissors to create 3 parallel cuts on each oval shape. Take the two ovals and fold them in two. Now place one on top of the other. Start interlacing the cut sections from one oval with the sections from the other oval (see photo bellow). And voila! Your V Day gift is finished!! What is best about this two color heart is that you can use it as glass coasters or basket (just attach one handler to the heart! Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://www.samoshvejka.ru/

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