DIY Valentine’s Day Paper Wreath

Why make wreath’s only for the Winter Holidays when you can make for any other holiday’s. And when I say “other holiday’s” I mean in this case a Valentine’s Day Wreath. It is cute, original and you can hang it on your door on Valentine’s Day or you can also give it away as a gift. So, lets gather all the material for this DIY Valentine’s Wreath.
You will need:
 – pink, red, white scrapbook paper
 – glue / hot glue gun
 – a piece of cardboard
– a pair of scissors

– red or pink ribbon so you can hang the wreath


First of all, take a pencil and the piece of cardboard and draw a big heart on it. Depending on how big the heart will be that will be the size of the wreath. Use the pair of scissors to cut out the heart. Using the scissor start cutting thin strips of paper from the pink, red and white scrapbook paper. Use that pencil that you used to draw the heart and roll up the strips on it. Make lot and lots of rolled strips. Use the scissors and cut the rolled strips into small pieces. Don’t worry, the rolled pieces do not have to be equal in size. This will make the wreath look original and unique. Use glue / glue gun and glue the rolled pieces of paper to the cardboard heart. Take the piece of red or pink ribbon and hang the heart wreath. Use also little ornaments like heart or stars and hang them from the wreath. Happy V Day!




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