DIY Wedding Accessories: Barefoot Beach Sandals

When it comes to wedding fashion you only have one thing in mind: perfection. From the clothing to the makeup that is applied, everything must be picture perfect and needs to go with the theme of the day. If you are having a beach wedding, there is no need to put on shoes or sandals. We have the best DIY idea to grace your feet and make your wedding day look glamorous at it should be! Let us look at a few but cost effective DIY Wedding Accessories meaning Barefoot Beach Sandals that you can use to glam up your wedding…

 Materials Needed

  • Jewellery clasp
  • Bead cord
  • One or extra-large trinkets/jewelry crystals or beads
  • Crimp bead
  • 150 to 250 smaller jewellery crystals or beads



Begin by cutting a big part of the bead cord. The piece you cut needs to be big enough that it can without too much strain bind around your second toe. Go back all the way to the ankle. The cord will determine the right distance of the complete sandal. Wrap the cord’s end around the second toe again. You should pull the bead cord again all the way up to the ankle and bind it either once or twice should you decide to make another layer of crystals or beads that will go around the ankle. You should next add additional 3 to 5 inches on the measurement, the extra inches will allow minor measurements differences and you will be guaranteed that you now have the right amount of bead cord on both ends that will safely secure on the crease bead as well as the jewellery fastener. Form a double-knotted ring that will go around the second toe. Make it comfortable tight so that it will not cut off any air circulation while walking. If you knot it correctly, the loop will have the bead cord upcoming out of both the leftward and right sides. If you wish to create a double-beaded design, you should separate the beads or the crystals on the loop’s left and right sides. If you wish to make a sole-beaded design, you need to string the crystals or the beads on two sides of the ring.


You should now protect the end of the shoeless weeding sandal by threading it with a big, decorative bead or crystal which will match perfectly with the themed wedding shade palette. Secure a knot at the back of the ornamental bead. Proceed and string jewellery clasp that is light in weight and pass it through the crease bead as well as the last ornamental crystal or bead on the sandal and rotate it back again to the sandal’s end. At the end of the clasp, you should make a secure loop and finish off the sandal by cutting off any extra bead cord. Enjoy!!!





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