DIY Wooden Dog House

DIY Wooden Dog House is part of fun DIY art projects that you can do at home and at your own pace. Did you know that fun projects to do at home motivate you and make you see the value of the craft ideas and DIY ideas that you have come up with? Instead of sitting all day watching television why not build your dog a wooden house using practical ideas?  Let’s find out how you can do this…

 First Step: Start With Constructing the Doghouse Base – Animals are affected by treated wood and its best that you steer clear from this type of wood. Now start of creating the dog house by determining the size of the doghouse using the measurements of a fully grown dog. The house should have enough room to turn around, lie down, stand up and also have enough room for food as well as water bowls. Make use of 2×4 boards and make a square base frame according to the dimensions you’ve selected to finish the dog house in. Proceed and nail the boards together at the corners. Quickly measure and cut half inch plywood and fit the wood over the frame. See to it that the plywood blends in with the base frame’s edges. Now you can attach the plywood on the frame alongside the edges using nails.

 Second Step: Construct and Attach Four Walls – Start by constructing the side as well as the rear wall frames using 2×4 boards. See to it that you have included a centre stud that will offer support. Trim the studs till they reach the desired length, dry-fit the studs and finally nail them together. On the rear wall, see to it that the stud holds 2 inches off the centre. This allows easy securing of the roof strut. Construct the front of the wall using 2×4 boards and eliminate the centre stud making room for the entrance. Take measurements, cut and nail half an inch plywood on the outer side of all the four walls. Carefully mark and curve an entrance hole using a jig saw. The entrance needs to be large enough to make room for your dog to pass through without squeezing. Now position the finished walls on the base frame. Nail the walls in place and through the bottom of the wall frame. To ensure that the structure remains stable add a toenail on every corner. Include a centre stud in the frame to add the support. The struts, rafters and the ridge board will all be created from cutting of 2×4 boards. You should determine the roof’s desired pitch and cut off the roof struts to match the corresponding height. Centre the front as well as the rear roof struts on the top edge of the front and rear wall frames. Consider the length of the overhang you wish to have on both the front end and the back end of the doghouse. Cut the top ridge board in accordance to the doghouse’s length and include the amount added for the overhang. Position the ridge board carefully on the struts and now nail them in place.

 Third Step: Shingle the Roof – Carefully mark a horizontal chalk line eleven inches from the roof edge bottom. The shingles are twelve inches long and ought to hang over by one inch on the bottom side. Now make a vertical chalk line thirty-five inches away from the front edge of the roof. Cover the exposed ridge boards by cutting shingle sheets into sole sheets and place them sideways over the roof’s apex and see to it that they overlap.

 Fourth Step: Customize the Doghouse – Your dog house is almost finished, all you have to do is customize it by using fresh paint, adding feeding bowls and a name plate, you should also put down a piece of scrap carpeting that will keep your pet warm and extremely comfortable. Enjoy!!!

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