DIY Yarn Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is around the corner and we have so many to do! Everyone is making a lot of creative things, Christmas ornaments, decorations. We have to focus all of our attention and creativity on making Christmas decorations so we can have everything done by Christmas.

This is why today, I am bringing to you another DIY idea to make Christmas decorations: DIY Christmas decorations using yarn. Beside red yarn (or any other color you want your Christmas tree decorations to be) you will need also a polystyrene tray, little wooden sticks, white glue that you will have to mix with water in equal parts and a star stencil. If you want you can draw the star without the stencil. After you drawn the star fix the wooden sticks in every corner of the star. Take the yarn and dip it in a bowl where you mixed the white glue with water. Start to pass the yarn on the inside and out of the marked edges of the star. Press the yarn to the polystyrene tray because you want to have it as flat as possible. When you are done with the star don’t forget to remove the wooden sticks before the glue from the yarn dries completely.

You can also make yarn hearts, or bells or even an angel. Just make sure to have the proper stencil. Happy Christmas! Enjoy!!!



Photo Credit: http://decorareciclaimagina.blogspot.ro

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