Easy To Make Ringlet Hairband Hairstyle

There are plenty of DIY Ideas that we all use in our everyday life. A great thing is that home projects are wonderful DIY projects that allow us the chance to explore our creative side. Fun art projects such as ringlet hair band hairstyles are wonderful DIY ideas that we can all give a try!

 You will need:

  • thin headband
  • several bobby pins



  • Start by combing down your hair. After you are done combing the hair put the comb aside and start the ringlet formation process.
  • Place a headband on your hair and use a bobby pin to hold it in place.
  • Now start flipping your hair round the headband. Carefully move the bobby pin and secure the strand in place. Start working on the next strand.
  • On the back side of your head, after having reached the middle of your hair all the way from the other side of the head, you should stop and flip the hair you have in your hand around the hairband.
  • Repeat this process over and over again till when all your hair is done perfectly. If there is need, you can use bobby pins to fix the hair in place.

 Alternative Process

  • To create a ringlet style using a hairband, you can use this other quick and easy process.
  • Place the hairband round your hair. Secure the hairband with bobby pins on your hair.
  • Now place hair around your head, please make sure at this juncture that you are holding your hair strands with pins on to the headband.
  • You will have created a perfect headband. To make this style pop, use a big decorating hair pins on either side of your head at the front….
  • This a hairstyle that is ideal for teen girls who have either medium or long hair… Enjoy!!!


Ringlet Headband Hairstyle


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