Make Your Own Easter Decorations

Soon the Easter Bunny will come to our homes, bringing us many eggs, chocolate eggs and colored eggs … but where to put them? Learn how you can make an Easter basket using recycled materials.
You can teach your kids how to make small Easter baskets, so they can give themselves to the teachers or grandparents.
Here’s an example how you can make โ€‹โ€‹a small and funny Easter basket:
– You need wrinkled paper for the muffins, gift paper or a gift bag as colorful as possible, glue, some grass or green paper instead and small candies equally colorful and cheerful.
– Cut the handle from the gift bag and use a pair of scissors to make it have a length of 20-22 inches, keeping it bent in the middle. Use glue (or some staples) to catch the edges of the muffin to the paper support so that the little basket can be more resistant and also not to see where the handle is glued.
Then fill the basket with grass and candy colored paper. You can put in the basket also colored eggs or whatever you want to offer.


You can also use baskets made โ€‹โ€‹of plastic plates, cardboard, old baskets that you can repaint, redecorate or you can cover with crepe paper. You can use also stickers with your kids favorite cartoon characters.









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