Easy To Make Candy Christmas Wreath – DIY

We have made wreath from Christmas ornaments, from corks, from plastic bottles. Why not try and make one using candy’s?! You can buy them from the store, are very cheap and you can use different colors. Also, you can use the candy wreath to decorate your home, office or even to give them away as gifts. Gather your materials and supplies and lets get to work: a red yarn ball, a wire circle or a wooden one (the base of the wreath), colored candy’s, 2 different colored ribbons, scissors. Start by tying three simple knots on the wire frame. Now you can start putting candy’s on the frame. The first candy should be positioned so it covers the knots on the frame. On the same lap you can hold up to four candy’s. Make  sequences of four candy’s to each line on the wire frame. The idea is to create a candy flower. Put the candy’s close together and always pull the yarn so that the sweets are joint well together. When the wreath is almost full with candy’s stop and count five fingers distance between the candy’s. In that empty space you will tie on the wire frame one of the ribbons. Using that other ribbon make a beautiful bow and fix it with a peace of yarn on the other ribbon. Make sure once again that the candy’s are fixed right on the frame. Use also a piece of yarn to secure the wreath on the door and also one piece to tie a little scissor from the wreath so that your guest can help them selves to the sweet candy’s.



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