Easy To Make Christmas Appetizer’s – Cute Egg Snowman

Want to have a unique appetizer plate on your Christmas dinner table?! Than this Christmas cute egg snowman will make it beautiful and unique. Impress your family and friends with this cute appetizers. Start by boiling hard 10 large eggs and also 10 smaller eggs. The large eggs are going to be the snowman body and the smaller ones are going to be the snowman head. Let the eggs cool and peal the shells. After that peal two carrots: one that is bigger and one that is smaller. Cut it into thin slices. After you pealed the egg shells cut the the top and the bottom in order so you can assembly them. Put the smaller egg on top of the bigger one and a small slice of carrot on top of an big carrot slice. Using BBQ sticks the eggs and carrots in the middle. Cut out the part of the stick that is out of the snowman. Using peppercorn make the eyes and the buttons and also the nose using a smaller piece of carrot. You can use carrot leaves or parsley to make the hand’s of the snowman. An you are all done!!! Enjoy your cute appetizers!



Photo Credit: www.rkhomemaderecipes.com

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